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My Heart Caves In (2012)

My heart is divided into many sections.

Starting at the top at the superior vena cava 

is my love for chocolates

(preferably dark).

Under that is my love for learning new things

and taking road trips to new places

(I am diagnosed with a bad case

of wanderlust). 

In the right atrium are all the

little things that make me happy,

like wearing clothes fresh 

out of the dryer

or taking cat naps while it’s

raining out.

My aorta contains books,




In the pulmonary artery—right below

the aorta—are my quirks,

like playing with my right earring

to keep my hand busy

or not being able to climb onto 

my bed unless I change into

clean clothes.

Not too far down, 

in the pulmonary vain,

is coffee

(preferably Starbucks but any coffee

is quite wonderful too)

and writing.

They are grouped together because 

every great writer sips a cup

of coffee in a quiet little deli

with a notebook in hand,

pondering on something clever 

to write.

My obsessions and addictions—

like chapstick 

and eyelashes 

and taking hot showers in

the winter

are in my left atrium.

In the aortic valve are

my family and friends,

very close at heart.

My nervousness, 

pent-up emotions, 

and feelings I can’t explain

are all in the left ventricle. 

My heart caves in slightly 

on the right,

I call it “The Missing Piece” 

(not required to be found, 

although I think my dear future

significant other will have it).

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