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Sunflower Eyes

Let’s smoke cigarettes and make war on each other
Let’s run the streets wild and make love
to the canvases we call walls
and the flowers we call weeds
So maybe this hit and go life
ain’t for all the hitchhikers
But I got you and somehow
we’re alright

And it don’t matter if you’ll take me
to your mama’s house
to smell her garden of tulips 
or eat her chicken pot pie family recipe

I know you won’t and 
I’m just a reckless girl with a lot of soul—
but baby, we’ll just do this soul searchin’ together
and find peace on early mornings
with the view of the Hawaiian oceans
toppling on our beating hearts

Glass will be shattered
And hearts will be broken
And midnight walks will be taken
to clear minds with ocean at our sides 
and the lighthouse of stars above
And there will be half empty
Unmade beds,
frenzy of blankets, 
frenzy of lust 
and love we think is so real 
you can touch.

Magnetic we are
like the moon and the tides.

I open my eyes slowly, 
trying to capture fleeting moments always in movies
The slow blinks from blurred kaleidoscope color 
to black
The half eyelid then close

I’ll sit on the edge of the cliff
outlooking the biggest mystery of the world
with the sun setting and my sunflower eyes
reflecting the deep waters

Sunkiss’d glow from afternoon surfing
Back peeled and freckles
like the stars we try to count
but always mess up.
And your face so beautiful

that you’d be the only summer
during the winter of my life.

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She feels in italics and thinks in capitals.
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